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Dec 3, 2013 1:00pm PST
is this law is working and will work into the future. people want the financial stability of health insurance and we're going to keep on working to fix whatever problems come up. >> and so it begins. and this will last until december 23rd, the deadline for people to enroll if they want plans beginning on january 1st. each day the white house says they will plug different benefits that you can get through obama care with help from democrats and progressive action groups. even though we've heard more insurance pitches from the president in the last few months than buill murray endured in "groundhog day." >> just visit >> funny you should mention your health because -- >> deal is good. the prices are low. >> i sell insurance. >> what a shock. >> they're leaving a million people now without health insurance. >> i got the feeling you ain't got any. >> people want affordable health care. >> oh, ned ryerson. even if the president succeeds in his career as an insurance salesman over the next three weeks, there are a lot of big questions about the implementation of his law. joining me
Dec 2, 2013 1:00pm PST
, but the train would not slow down. this is according to law enforcement who is at the scene. what could have caused that? >> well, it's two pieces. when did he hit the brakes, was he too far into the turn before he hit the brakes, so the recorders are going to tell us when and how much of an application he applied the brakes to. i assume he tried the emergency stop. so the recorders are going to tell us when that happened and just what that means to the accident, but there's a lot more to it than just the speed that this person was going or this train was going. if the condition of the rails, don't lose sight of the fact there was a previous derailment just months before this one at this location, so was the rails repaired properly, was there a problem with the underlying structure of the rails. all of those will be investigated thoroughly. >> the fact that there was an accident close to this location, does that set off warning bells to you? >> oh, yes. yes. the ntsb will focus in on that, definitely, for track condition and geometry. >> in the curve, this went from 70 miles per hour to 30 m
Dec 5, 2013 1:00pm PST
, whether they be law enforcement actions or actions government to government, some type of civil sanctions, et cetera, until that happens, this continues unfetered. >> very briefly, if you would, when he was cia director, leon panetta told me the one thing that kept him up at night were fears of a cyberattack. is this related at all to that? >> it is in that it really highlights the fragility of our infrastructure and the fact that nothing is really safe. what secretary panetta had said, mr. panetta had said regarding the infrastructure, is something we talked about for a long time both in and out of government, is the potential for adversaries to access electric power grid, water, sewer, transportation, communications, and look to have an impact on this country similar to the way they did by flying planes into buildings ten years ago, 11 years ago. there are adversaries who are looking to do that and this type of attack really just highlights the concern we should have about the fact that the infrastructure itself is insecure and we need to be taking stronger action to be much more vigila
Dec 6, 2013 1:00pm PST
laws in this country gave rise to apartheid laws in south africa in 1948. even to now, apartheid is no longer a racial matter and social issues but economic, health care, educational, job apartheid is present even today, and he was simply saying that going into iraq was a preemptive strike, broke international law. as a matter of fact, the biggest demonstration in the history of the world took place that day, people saying do not invade iraq. now we admit that 100,000 plus iraqis have been killed, 6,000 plus americans have been killed, 50,000 plus injured, we were wrong. had the wrong target. he was saying we were wrong. president barack obama said we were wrong. the fact is we were wrong. >> what did mandela think about the united states? >> had high hopes for america and had high regard for america. one of the first places he came when he was freed was america, because the fact is demonstrations here, since led by randall robertson and eleanor holmes norton and maxine waters, for a year we demonstrated every day, going to jail to protest. the u.s. congress declared sanctions on
Dec 9, 2013 1:00pm PST
the law and there was a lot of misconduct in relation to that, saying that they actually were alleging that inmates were beaten and humiliated, and then after all of that was done, that they went ahead and covered up their misconduct. nine sheriff officials face charges, three brothers are charged with criminal complaints. now, one thing that has come out here, too, is this conduct about the behavior of sheriffs at l.a. county jails. the sheriff has come under fire about this over the last few years, saying that there are certain sheriffs that were not just falling in line. we are expecting to hear from him later on today to see what his take is on all of this. we can confirm now that 12 people who have worked in the county jails, either previously or right now, have been arrested. >> stephanie, what do we know about this fbi informant? >> reporter: well, we asked the fbi if they were going to confirm that this informant was a part of this, and that he was basically hidden inside the jail from the fbi by the sheriffs. they are not confirming that that exactly has happened yet. we are s
Dec 4, 2013 1:00pm PST
they have not been released? >> the law required they be released. we have in connecticut a very strong freedom of information act and the judge really had no choice but to order their release and the prosecutor had to yield to this process and he decided not to appeal that ruling. of course my heart went to the families because they are now reliving the unspeakable and i will never forget the sights and sounds of parents emerging knowing that their children would not be coming home that day, and i think the tapes bring back those memories. they force the entire community and all of us involved on that one day to relive the grief and the speed that all of this occurred. it is not only the scope and the horror and the courage of those educators who were on the speed of what happened. >> i went to president to newtown, and the grief was tangible. it was a physical thing you could feel. it is difficult to talk about even right now. in the last few weeks, there was an information, there was haunting details from the shooter who was clearly a young man suffering from sight mental health issu
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6